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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The inclusive Education system in Zimbabwe:challenges and solutions

Inclusive Education is now being promoted as it encourages cooperation in learning for all learners despite the levels of learning and other physical disabilities found in learners.
Inclusive education promote slow learners as it accommodates those learners and others with physical challenges.As consequences the gifted children are disadvantaged because of the slow pace of the way concepts are given and grasped.
The use of special media such as visual aids are difficulty to source because they all in need funds. Zimbabwe is still a developing country which is still facing huge problems to fully funds the needs of education especially in rural and other low income communites.
It is much difficulty to have suitable facilities such as furniture ,media especially to cater for the physically handcapped. In Zimbabwe because of budgetary constraints schools do not have tables, chairs,books and even the effort from teachers to facilites learning because teacher's incentives is not equally distributed across the nation.The low income communities are not afford to incentivise their teachers as compared with their counterparts in higher earned income families.
The stereotype situation is still a problem in most parents as they are hardly to accept that learning can be effective if it includes all learners of different needs as is how society set up oftenly review. However it is still necessary to make awareness of the benefits of inclusive education so that they can support government efforts to promote learning to all children despite their challenges.
It is necessary for teachers to design different tasks for all the pupils in these classes for the sack of progress to those without problems.Give extra work to the gifted children.The roles such as group leaders, class monitors are for the fast learners so that they can be fully occupied as they assist other peers to master the concepts.It is necessary for the teacher to ensure every child is occupied.
The teacher's stratergy to provide conditions conducive for needs of different children for them to learn. Like organising the seating arrangements so that physically challenged sit at an appropriate position. For example those with hearing problems need to sit where they can able to lip reading when their teacher is giving instructions.The visually impaired need to sit where they can see what is on the board and charts They need to write in big fonts ,hence big letters are easy for them to see much better.
The teacher's use of motivational stimulus like gestures,voice pitch help those with hearing problems to master communication as they are good at communicating with signs, so the use of gestures is helpful.
Inconclusion ,inclusive education should be used in every school despite the challeges associated with it.It is really an effective way of educating pupils .Teachers should strive by all means necessary for them to effectively teach inclusively for it to be successful. There is need of mutual co-operation of all stakeholders for the success of the inclusive education system such as, the government ,teachers and parents as well as learners to have interests of learning together as one people in great promotion of living together.

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